A Fruits & Vegetables Farmer & Factory in China

Shihezi Alluvion Trade Co., LTD

Located in National Agricultural Exploit Area, we have been planting Local Fruits and Vicinal Vegetables against our Agricultural Research Team by utilizing Convential Farmyard Manure instead of so-called Modern Manure to keep the Autochtonic Flavor.

So that we are owning 8 Fuji-Apple Farms to plant Xinjiang Local Fuji Apples; 10 Water-Melon Farms to plant Xiayedi Water Melons; 9 Honey-Melon Farms to plant 89-1, Paotai Red and so forth; 12 Grape Farms to plant Tompson Seedless, Red Hot and so on. In our town, we have a Ketchup Plant to produce Tomato Paste as well as Ketchup.

Meanwhile, we are exporting our Fruits and Tomato Jam to around the world, no bad feedback yet.

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